Not all monsters do monstrous things. Like who? Like Scott.

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Maybe what I really wanted to say was…

                      …I’m sorry.

         I wish I could’ve helped you.

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one need not be a chamber to be haunted

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get to know me meme: [1/10] TV Shows: The Musketeers (BBC)

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#crying because#you can actually see the development#help me ಥ‿ಥ

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oh god i tried to explain i’d’ve and y’all’d’ve to a friend who is a korean exchange student and she just kind of stared at me in horror for a minute lmao


y’all’d’ve is a triple contraction, which breaking it down is “you all would have”
compare to:
“you + all” -> “y’all”
"you + would" -> "you’d"
" you + have" -> "you’ve"

im sorry people learning english

Fuck this language

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nah sorry i cant go out tonight, i have plans to spiral into uncontrollable anxiety starting in the early evening and ending at roughly 3 am

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Anonymous says: I did not realise you're pro zoo. May I ask why? Don't you think it's very unethical to keep cats (or any animals) locked up in cages, no matter how big, only for our own profit and enjoyment? Don't they deserve a life in freedom? I'm not trying to be rude and I know little of conservation and such so if it's anything like that just explain it. But I was a little disappointed when I realised.

I’d love first to direct you to these links first: 

First link is written by myself, and the second is a fantastic writeup by another tumblr user.  

But for a shorter version here, yes I think it’s unethical to keep any of these animals locked up in cages.  But the thing is, in good zoos, they aren’t in cages.  We call them enclosures for more than sounding nice.  

San Diego Zoo Safari Park(My photos)

Naples Zoo

Zurich Zoo(This is all one elephant enclosure)

Good zoos have evolved beyond keeping animals behind bars or in “cages.”  Good zoos can provide incredibly enriching lives to the animals in their care, animals that for the large part were all born in captivity and have no potential for a valuable life in the wild.  They give the care that allows these animals to thrive(do some animals not thrive in captivity? of course.  Am I against keeping animals that cannot thrive?  Of course).  These animals are completely dependent on their keepers, there isn’t some mythical “wild” they could go to that they would survive in.  Release any of these captive born animals and they will die.

As for conservation, I have a few examples and articles of that here.  Zoos participate in conservation and education programs all around the world, as well as in their local communities.  They have been responsible for bringing multiple species back from extinction, and will be responsible for more in the future.  Zoos are one of the entities on the front lines in the fight against extinction.  These animals aren’t just “locked up” for our own profit and enjoyment.  Of the 229 zoos and aquariums accredited by the AZA, 54% are nonprofit.   The money they make is for the animals, rather than from the animals.  They use the funds to take care of their animals and facility, and they use even more to fund conservation efforts.  

This is why I am pro zoo, because I truly believe from what I have seen and experienced myself in my involvement with two zoos so far, that they contribute immensely to the public’s awareness of the conservation issues worldwide, as well as their knowledge of various species and habitats.  

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It looks like the emoji mob boss told his turtle to hire a Easter Island Head hit man to murder someone.

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getting ready for school in the morning: sits on my bed without a shirt on for 10 minutes thinking about how much I hate school

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Not So Friendly Les Mis Facts:



Tom Hooper has said that Marius looks up in this scene because he can hear the choir singing. Essentially, half of him is there with Cosette, and half of him is in the afterlife with his friends.

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These are my two favorite gifs of Marius especially when they are put next to each other.


Right-Marius just grabbed Left-Marius’s butt.

It got better.

#What possibly made the editors keep this in?? #How many were like ‘Yes this is a perfectly ordinary face for one of our leads to be pulling’ #or did they all read the brick and fully understand the character of Marius Pontmercy (x)

I appreciate your tags

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